Relax into a new life

Breathtaking hinterland forests. Stunning coastal vistas. Idyllic beaches. And all the services and infrastructure you could hope for. It’s literally just down the road from Melbourne, but the Barwon region feels like it’s a world away.

The relaxed seaside and rural lifestyle of the Barwon region washes over you like the waves that wash over its famous beaches. And from the cities to the towns, the sense of community is strong; perhaps it’s something to do with the residents knowing how lucky they are to live here.

Barwon is a major player in the state economy. Traditional manufacturing and processing jobs in food, automotive, textiles, metal, petroleum and engineering are today augmented by knowledge-based opportunities such as bio technology and ICT. Whatever your preferred field, from trades to medicine, science to the arts, Barwon provides opportunities for all.

In Barwon, that relaxed, picture-perfect lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of may be closer than you think.

Explore the shires, towns and cities of Barwon below.

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