Grow and prosper

Named for the river that courses through it, the Goulburn region has the enviable reputation of being home to the ‘food bowl of Australia.’

Its fertile soils and pleasant climate don’t just produce high quality fruit and vegetables, though. They also provide the ideal treechange; a place for families to flourish.

The communities of Goulburn are vibrant and progressive, benefactors of Melbourne’s northern growth corridor and the ever-evolving transport route to Sydney. The sense of momentum is almost palpable.

Agriculture and processing are major employers here, including fruit and vegetable, dairy, cattle, sheep, and grain production. There are also plentiful career options in electricity, gas, water and waste services, health care and social assistance, manufacturing, tourism, transport, retail, trades and professional services.

From rolling fields to spectacular national parks, gourmet food to world-class wines, you’re sure to find Goulburn to be warm, welcoming and thriving.

Explore the shires, towns and cities of Goulburn below.

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