Make the move

Five essential steps for a move to regional Victoria

1. Write a list

Sounds obvious, but nothing will get your move off to a better start than doing your homework and writing a list. Think about what you’re looking for and what you’d like around your new home. Schools, housing, land, employment, health care, public transport, access to Melbourne, strong sense of community. Whatever it is, write it all down. It’s your first step toward finding the region that literally ticks all the boxes.

why move?
Ten of the best reasons to make your regional move

2. Visit first, decide later

Think of it as the dating phase of your relationship with regional Victoria. Day trips, or even short holidays, are a great way to suss out an area. Get to know some of the locals and ask them about the area – what’s good and not so good. Talk to real estate agents, school principals, hospital administrators, business owners and local council staff. Explore the different kinds of lifestyle – regional city, a small town or hobby farm. You’ll soon know if you want to start getting serious!

3. Rent until you’re sure

You’ve made a choice! Great! But no need to jump right in if you’re still feeling a little tentative. There’s a lot to be said for trying before buying. By renting first, you can spend whatever time you need to get to know an area without committing to a major financial decision. And if you decide this part of regional Victoria isn’t for you, it’s easier to explore another.

4. Tap into the community

Regional Victorians are a friendly lot, so becoming part of your new community should happen very quickly. Through school, work, sports clubs and community groups, there are plenty of people ready to reach out and make you and your family feel welcome. So don’t be backward in coming forward.

5. Be patient

Any time you move, making the adjustment doesn’t happen overnight. And the bigger the change, the more time you need to allow. Give yourself time to build the networks and connections you need to feel at home. Immerse yourself in exploring the area, particularly on weekends and holidays, rather than living ‘between’ Melbourne and your new home. You’ll be surprised how much there is to see and do in regional Victoria and you’ll soon be feeling right at home.

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Peace-of-mind is what you’re looking for. This involves knowing that the necessary elements you’re used to will still be there.

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