Like nowhere else

Is it the abundance of natural attractions? The dramatic variety of landscape? The relaxed, welcoming communities? Whatever it is, there’s no denying the perennial allure of Gippsland.

Stretching from outer Melbourne to the eastern-most point of Victoria, Gippsland is an almost mythical place in Victorian hearts and minds. And why not? It boasts mile upon mile of unspoilt beaches, vast pristine rainforests, seemingly endless rolling green pastures... Truly nature’s playground.

Gippsland is also home to Victoria’s natural resources and commodities economy. It powers Victoria’s electricity industry. And key industry sectors such as agriculture, forestry, dairy, fishing, tourism, engineering, finance, health care and education flourish in these parts.

Locals are no strangers to the finer things, either. Art and cultural festivals abound, and the gourmet food and wine on menus throughout the region make it a literal feast for the senses.

It’s no understatement. In Gippsland you can build and enjoy a life like nowhere else.

Explore the shires, towns and cities of Gippsland below.

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