Everything under the sun

Beneath the wide, open skies of Victoria’s north-west lies the Mallee, renowned for its vast spaces, heritage vibe, and seemingly endless sunshine.

Defined by the mighty Murray River to the north, the Mallee epitomises the great Australian outdoors. It’s a place to live large and free, like the eucalypts from which it derives its name.

Employment opportunities are as broad as the horizon itself. Traditional roles in retail, manufacturing, viticulture, horticulture, agriculture and tourism are complemented by an increasing demand for skilled workers in mining, trades, renewable energy, aquaculture and health services.

The Mallee may be a place of ancient stories and rustic charms. But it’s also a dynamic and diverse place where bustling cities, townships and communities are shaping exciting opportunities for a modern generation of regional Victorians.

Explore the shires, towns and cities of the Mallee below.

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