Healthy prospects abound

One of the top considerations when moving into a rural or regional area is the availability and quality of health care services.

Wherever you move in rural and regional Victoria, it is reassuring to know that you will have quality health services – from clinics to practitioners – will be right there with you.

Regional centres around Victoria enjoy outstanding medical facilities and practitioners, either in the immediate vicinity or within a reasonable drive to the next city or major town. Whatever your health care needs, chances are they can be met locally and to the highest level of care.

Services such as dental, physio, general medical, hospitals, specialists, and even alternative therapies are all readily available too.

Many leading providers already have a major presence in regional areas. And currently there are literally billions of dollars being invested in regional health facilities and initiatives, making health care more accessible and of a higher quality than ever before.

And let’s not forget the fresh country air. Rural and regional Victoria has your health needs well and truly covered.

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