Starting or buying a regional business

A wonderful lifestyle, close knit communities, family activities, great schools and health services are all compelling reasons to live in rural and regional Victoria.

Right there at the top of the 'must haves' list is work. Victorian Government research indicates that one of the main priorities for people considering a tree or sea change is employment. After all, few people are in a position to relocate before they have a new job to go to.

The great news is that, like so many of the opportunities available in rural and regional Victoria, getting a good job doesn't necessarily mean having to work for someone else. It may be a chance to start that business you've always dreamt about doing but felt far too daunting in Melbourne.

Getting into business in rural and regional Victoria is a great way to reinvent your working life. It's also an excellent way to become more involved in your new community.

For example, buying a retail shop in the central business district of a town or regional centre is perfect for becoming an essential part of the community, meeting locals and making a tangible and valuable contribution to the region that you now call home.