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Heart of Gippsland

Known as ‘the heart of Gippsland’, Wellington Shire beats strong with all the ingredients necessary for a happy regional move.

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From rugged high country to one of the longest beaches in the world, Wellington Shire has a bounty of wildlife, historical attractions, unique wilderness, and fine food and wine. With an abundance of towns, such as Sale, Maffra, Heyfield, Rosedale, Stratford and Yarram, there’s a wide array of relocation options to suit any taste or lifestyle.

The mining, Defence and agriculture sectors are major players in this vibrant and diverse economy. With over a third of the shire comprised of farmland, agriculture now has an expanding vegetable sector. A growing health care sector and healthy activity in retail, commerce, tourism and professional services all add up to a highly desirable place to be.

Not sure where to turn for your move to regional Victoria? In Wellington Shire, it’s as simple as following your heart.

More information can be found directly at www.wellington.vic.gov.au.

If you'd like to find out more, get in touch with the Wellington Shire Council.
1300 366 244
Email (external link)
wellington.vic.gov.au (external link)

Discover more in Wellington Shire

Each week, employment opportunities listed in local papers are shared on www.saleandwellingtonshire.com.au website. This website also provides links into relevant employment assistance services and the ability to provide your resume to a number of local businesses that have indicated they are happy to receive resumes directly.
The communities in Wellington Shire boast a variety of affordable housing options and can complement any lifestyle, from executive town housing to acreage properties. When compared to similar houses in metropolitan or larger regional centres, properties in Wellington Shire are available at lower prices.In 2015, the median house price in Sale was $297,000 and the surrounding communities of Maffra and Stratford had a median house price of $230,000 and $260,000 respectively. Units and townhouses were even more affordable at a median price of $227,000.