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The art of regional living

With a rich and diverse pastoral culture over 160 years in the making, the Greater Hamilton Southern Grampians region has made regional living an art form.

From Coleraine to Hamilton, Dunkeld to Penshurst, the Southern Grampians invites you to immerse yourself in the rich colours, serene impressions, magnificent art and heavenly music of its natural and cultural splendour.

Discover a landscape dominated by the spectacular Grampians, ancient volcanoes, tranquil rivers and waterfalls, and undulating pastoral land. And enjoy the strong and diverse economy, employment and growth opportunities, and wonderful amenity and affordability.

Whether it’s to farm the rich soil, work in the thriving manufacturing and professional services sector, or simply soak up the scenery, Southern Grampians Shire is an ideal destination to live, work and invest.

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One of the biggest concerns of anyone considering a move to regional Victoria is that of employment. Will there be the type of employment you’re after, and will there be enough of it? You’re definitely not alone in asking these questions.
Finding and then moving into a new home is always an exciting process. Sure, it has its headaches along the way, but there’s nothing quite like the thrill of that first night in a new house. And when the new house happens to be in a whole new region, the thrill only intensifies.
You may not be aware that regional Victoria is home to some of the best schools in the state. True, you won’t find the concentration of options that you have in Melbourne, but you’ll still find plenty of quality choice across all levels of schooling.