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Wodonga is ideally situated on the Murray River with surrounding hills, rich agricultural valleys, adjacent wineries and historic towns. With all the necessities and luxuries of a capital city, Wodonga provides a superior lifestyle, is home to more than 42,000 residents, and is the largest and fastest-growing city in North East Victoria.

Many national and international businesses have made Wodonga their home primarily for its strategic location, which is 300km North of Melbourne and 580km South of Sydney on the Hume Freeway – providing access to more than 75% of Australia’s population by next-day transport shift. The economy is diverse and strong with manufacturing, health, retail, public administration and defence being key employment sectors.

Wodonga offers high quality schools and tertiary institutes, leading health care facilities and practitioners, superb recreation infrastructure, and a wide range of tourism attractions. If you’re after everything a city has to offer, with a relaxed country life at your door, Wodonga may be the ideal city for you.

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